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Climate crisis into the Mainstream and Engages
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Climate crisis into the Mainstream and Engages
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The sole aim of BOCCIMA is to promote and protect activities on commerce, mining and agriculture, also represent, express the opinion of private sectors on issues affecting the growth of commerce, industry, mines and agriculture, in the state in particular and Nigeria in general.

Some of its short term objectives include, among other:

A.  Provision of enabling environment for businesses to strive.

B.   Serving as platform for employment generation and youth empowerment

C.   Mapping out effective and efficient strategies for tapping and harnessing abundant natural and human resources of the state

D.  Fostering better knowledge and understanding among all stakeholders in Borno and international trades and investments.

E.   Creating a conducive interactive environment for entrepreneurs and company executives from all over the world  and forge links agreed on concrete business and negotiate trade and investment

F.    Collection and dissemination of all vital information

G.  Organizing seminars, workshops, trade fairs etc.